The Endgame (Endgame #1)

When Lisa fell in love with billionaire art dealer Mark, she thought she’d found the man of her dreams. Now he’s become her worst nightmare.

Trapped in an abusive relationship with her controlling, obsessive boyfriend, Lisa is secretly saving the money to leave him and start a new life. Until then, she is resigned to playing the part of Mark’s living sex toy. But with no job, she knows freedom is a long way off … until she meets wealthy and devastatingly handsome architect Grayson Fielding.

Lisa and Grayson are instantly drawn to each other, but Lisa keeps him at a distance, determined to ignore their magnetic connection. She can’t afford to get attached.

However, when Mark’s demands become intolerable, she proposes a deal that will give them both what they want. In exchange for the money she needs, she offers Grayson the only thing she has to give: herself.

Will Grayson want her badly enough to agree to her terms? And if she lets herself get close to him, will ever she be able to walk away? With her life rapidly spiralling out of control, it’s a chance she has to take.

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