Do Not Disturb

What happens in the penthouse stays in the penthouse

Amy loves her new life in Chicago. She has great friends and a job she loves as assistant to the CEO of a luxury hotel chain. The only thing missing is sex—but she’s sworn off dating after a bad break-up with a vengeful ex. Wary of getting involved again, she relies on toys and her vivid imagination to keep her satisfied.

But that’s all set to change when she meets her boss’s son, Carver Fairchild. Carver is gorgeous, sexy and more than happy to indulge Amy’s wildest fantasies—no strings attached. When they embark on a steamy affair, they agree to keep their nights of passion in Carver’s penthouse suite separate from their personal lives and their professional working relationship.

With Carver on speed-dial ready to tend to her every need, Amy seems to have it all figured out. She’s calling the shots, and this time she’s determined to keep it simple—no demands, no expectations, and definitely no romance.

But can she keep her growing feelings for Carver in check, or is the passion they share beyond her control?