The Endgame

(Endgame Duet #1)

Lisa is desperate to escape her controlling, obsessive boyfriend Mark. But until she can save enough money to start a new life, she sees no way out.

Then she meets Grayson Fielding. Handsome, charming and wealthy, Grayson wants  her – badly. So when Mark leaves town for a week, Lisa seizes the opportunity and makes Grayson a daring offer: seven days to do whatever he wants with her in exchange for the money she needs to leave.

But as their passionate connection leads to a deeper emotional bond, can Lisa trust Grayson to let her go? And will she have the strength to walk away?

With her life rapidly spiralling out of control, it’s a chance she has to take.

The Endgame is the first book in The Endgame Duet.